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Our Philosophy Of Excellence!

Nabely and Jason Baptiste are the proud owners of Christalight Auditorium and Event Hall is a family-owned and operated business that adheres to the principles of excellence, quality, and prestige. No effort has been spared to guarantee a truly extraordinary experience for our clients and their guests. 


As one of the few venues that provide the majority of event services under one roof. Christalight has not only proven itself to be a dependable brand but an innovative experience that cultivates unforgettable human moments.  

Unyielding Dependability is the core of our philosophy and equally a promise that we make to our guests.  We want to ensure that our venue and services not only complement but elevate your special day into an unforgettable and magical event.

Be it a Wedding, Baby Shower, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Educational workshops, Concert, Comedy Show, or niche event. Christalight can accommodate and will deliver an experience to remember!

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