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The Goal


   Christalight and Co aims to continue producing and hosting events that empower, educate and entertain their guests. In addition, provide the public with a beautiful, culturally diverse and affordable venue to host their events.  Christalight and Co strives to offer a memorable experience before, during and after their clients' events. Christalight and Co will offer top-class event experiences with flawless execution to business and private clients in the Bellingham and surrounding areas. The clients will be guests at their own events, the service will be excellent and the guests will be wowed.

The Vision


   The vision is to establish a unique and versatile facility that provides a visually pleasing aesthetic and top rate experience at an affordable price point. It will be an all-inclusive, culturally diverse event venue with hopes to establish a statewide chain of the same caliber or better as the company grows. The company's innovative theater and event production brand will reach and serve not only the community in which it resides but communities as a whole. Christalight and Co seeks to build strong bonds through dedication, the arts, and good business practices. By combining both live performances and banquet hall options, Christalight Auditorium and Event  Hall is the ONLY company in the Bellingham area providing both experiences, thus allowing the company to put together and host memorable events in a fashion that will place it in a class of its own.


Christalight and Co's vision reflects its values: To provide innovative and memorable engagements through the facilitation and implementation of integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.


Comprehensive logistical services. Innovative solutions.  

Cost-effective and hassle-free. Reliability. Creativity.

Integrity, Knowledge. Experience. Commitment to Excellence.

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